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I am so glad I pressed play

Where is this woman’s mix tape???

This. Just. Gave. Me. Life.

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Anonymous asked:

Great update on F&L! And when will you update P&B, I want to know what's going on miss Leah Rose.

Shit.  I was hoping nobody was going to ask me about Leah Rose. LOL.  I’ll put up something this weekend. There aren’t enough hours in the day. 

Thank you.  I thought people were getting sick of that one.


Anonymous asked:

Please don't say adios Your writing's way to good. Loved the update of F&L. I feel Lacey is totally realistic, because like She said lots of Men hit on Her. Her questioning Danny was smart to do. I love that They each are willing to give up their jobs for one another. Can't wait for the next chapter.

Thank you for that.  I really thought people were losing interest.  If you guys want it, I’ll keep it going.



When will people learn that the shit they say on here to and about me won’t ever affect me? I’ve been through some real hardcore stuff in my life, so some chick ranting/talking about me in a post, using gifs, and thinking that they’re calling me out or trying to hurt my feelings will somehow make…

I have so much  respect for you because you tell it like it is and don’t care if people like it or not.

I really appreciate that. I’m so glad so many people understand that. I say and do as I please. I do not care if some chicks on here don’t like it. And really, what’s wrong with you that you’re judging someone’s actions on here? Keep it moving. Those chicks are children to me. I know they see this and hate how I talk on here. But I welcome and invite them to come to Baltimore and tell me to my face just how much they don’t like me. Go ahead on somewhere with your gifs and your posts. They do that out in the open, but have nothing to say when you hit their inbox up. Tell me all of that then when you don’t have an audience. I’m waiting.

Anonymous asked:

That's what I'm hoping too is that if Twisted comes back it was Jo's dream. Maybe when She stayed home from school She fell asleep. It could work look at Dallas. They made a whole season a dream.

That could work, I’m still hoping she has a brain tumor and is hallucinating.  I would watch the shit out of Twisted if Jo died.

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